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The mission for GlobalBiz is to share business news and policies from around the world that are beneficial to the business people/managers, entrepreneurs, and those who eager to do business worldwide.

Most importantly, besides news-sharing, GlobalBiz invites all of you to participate!

In our “Business Discussion & Sharing Group” on LinkedIn, you would be able to publish your business perspectives, interesting business-related articles, and business opportunities after admin’s permission.
The core value of this group is to crash different spark from all of you, business experts from the various walks of life. You will always find great insights and opportunities during rounds and rounds of discussion.

What kinds of topic/content are you interested in?
Which countries’ news and policies are your preference?
Do NOT hesitate to share all of your opinion/idea/perspectives in our group.

We look forward to having more interaction with you 🙂

Team GlobalBiz

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