Gartner warns companies to invest carefully in Metaverse

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“By 2026, 25 percent of people will work, shop, learn, socialize or play in the metaverse for at least an hour a day.” This is the latest prediction on the topic of metaverse made by market research firm Gartner recently.

Because the metaverse is not owned by any one vendor, Gartner predicts it will produce a virtual economy driven by digital currencies and non-homogenized passes (NFTs). The metaverse will affect every business that consumers come into contact with on a daily basis.

In terms of enterprise engagement, Gartner likewise gives a forecast that by 2026, 30 percent of global enterprise organizations will have products and services for use in the metaverse. by shifting from digital to metaverse business, Resnick says, enterprises will be able to expand and strengthen their business models in unprecedented ways.

In fact, Morgan Stanley has released a research report that suggests the potential total metaverse market in China could reach 52 trillion yuan (about $8 trillion). The report noted that companies such as Tencent, NetEase, ByteDance and Alibaba are all likely to be frontrunners in this space.

In addition, Gartner believes that the metaverse will affect the way people work. Companies will provide a platform for employees to interact, collaborate and communicate more easily through immersive workspaces in virtual offices.

However, Gartner also points out that metaverse technologies are just starting to gain popularity and are very fragmented. gartner cautions that companies should not invest heavily in a particular metaverse. resnick says there is no way to know which investments are viable in the long term, but product managers should take the time to learn, explore the metaverse and prepare accordingly to keep themselves competitiveness.

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