PEO’s and Employer of Record in Taiwan

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Use PEO Service in Taiwan for Your Business Growth

Business Growth in Taiwan

Taiwan is a well-established trading nation in Asia-Pacific. It has a strong foundation across many industries and overall, its economy is very diversified with several different industries. Some of the most important of these include communications and information technology, electronics, petroleum refining, chemicals, armaments, chemicals, food processing, and textiles.  

Even with the global pandemic, Taiwan is still on track to expand its economy with a government forecast of gross domestic product expanding 1.67% in 2020, down from its February estimate of 2.37%.

Why Foreign Businesses Should Expand in Taiwan

Taiwan is well positioned for foreign companies to do business in. It’s central location, friendly people, and open society make it an easier place for foreign businesses to expand.

Although, it is important to remember to learn and adhere to cultural norms. Taiwan was ranked 15th out of 190 economies in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Survey for 2020.

Why Use a PEO Service in Taiwan

Taiwan, while welcoming to foreign business, has its own set of rules and regulations to adhere to. When staffing in Taiwan it is vital to ensure you are compliant with all local laws. A PEO service provider cannot only help you hire quickly and compliantly but ensure your ongoing staff are taken care of and following HR protocol as determined by local Taiwan law.

Oftentimes, the local laws for employees in Taiwan can vary and be complicated. A local partner is the best way to be sure your company is within the confines of the law, following all rules, and treating employees fairly. You can work directly on your business’ core purpose, while HR is taken care of by the PEO. Read on for three PEO service providers you may consider to be your partner in Taiwan.

Best PEOs in Taiwan

NNRoad is a cross-border market entry partner for foreign companies expanding globally. NNRoad provides comprehensive, quality employment solutions, company formation, payroll services, statutory benefits administration, visa processing, and accounting services. They understand the difficulties of trying to hire and deploy international staff or navigate complex foreign jurisdictions. NNRoad is committed to providing clients with complete and cost-effective solutions tailored to your business’ specific needs.

SafeGuard Global is a provider of a technology platform intended to efficiently manage payroll and outsourcing services. Safeguard Global has helped hundreds of organizations pay and hire workers around the world. They enable business success through smarter, more efficient payroll, onboarding, time and expense management, and more. Safeguard Global’s centralized global payroll solution gives multinationals comprehensive insights into workforce costs to help make data-driven strategic decisions, and their employer of record service, Global Employment Outsourcing, enables expansion into 179+ international markets.

Global Expansion is a PEO provider that can help companies to hire employees globally. Global Expansion will get your staff hired and on locally-compliant payroll very quickly.  They take care of benefits, onboarding, and local laws and bureaucracy, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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