PEO’s in the UK

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Employee Leasing in the UK with PEO Service

Why Use Employee Leasing in the UK

The UK has become a top location for employees to be based. With the access to greater Europe and compatible time zone to parts of North America, setting up employees here can greatly benefit your business.

The PEO model (link within GB site) offers a great way to hire employees in the UK without having to set up an entity there. You can hire and legally employee employees in the UK through employee leasing, making your access to the market and the talented employees there quick and easy. Check out the top rated PEO service providers in the UK below.

Best PEOs in the UK

New Horizons Global Partners (NHGP) was founded to serve ambitious companies looking to expand globally.  NHGP offer its clients a full suite of services to accelerate their global expansion. They are a team of passionate business experts, with a range of backgrounds, perspectives, and areas of expertise that are perfectly combined to serve new and existing businesses, large and small, as they navigate the difficult seas of international business.

NNRoad is a cross-border market entry partner for foreign companies expanding globally. NNRoad provides comprehensive, quality employment solutions, company formation, payroll services, statutory benefits administration, visa processing, and accounting services. They understand the difficulties of trying to hire and deploy international staff or navigate complex foreign jurisdictions. NNRoad is committed to providing clients with complete and cost-effective solutions tailored to your business’ specific needs.

Globalization Partners’ mission is to eliminate barriers to global business and make it easy for companies to hire in 187 countries within days, and without the need to set up costly international subsidiaries.


Using a PEO service provider in the UK is straightforward and simple. If you are looking to expand your business globally, using the talented labor market in the UK is the right choice. Additionally, using a PEO service can help you test the market and expand without having to setup entities around the world. 

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