Three Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Internationally

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When You Hire Employees Abroad, Avoid These All Too Common Mistakes

Expanding your business by hiring employees globally is an exciting new frontier for many businesses. With PEO/EOR services (link within site) it is easier than ever to hire talented employees all around the world, but there are some mistakes that are made too commonly, and that are easy to avoid.

Read the below before hiring employees internationally.

Mistake #1: Not Being Aware of or Ignoring Cultural Norms in the Workplace

It is well-known that you can expect different working styles in various cultures. While this is well-known, being in-the-know for the country and even region-specific norms will go a long way in hiring the right people.

In some cultures, workers are ready to get straight to work upon having a meeting or call. Whereas in other cultures it is considered rude to not make small talk. Knowing which way your employees in a place other than your headquarters prefer is important to respect their culture. It is also important to balance this when integrating these employees into your company culture. Often times you must balance your company culture with the employees’ local culture and that’s okay, but being cognizant and sensitive to this is important.

Mistake #2: Hiring Without Outside Guidance or Advice

Taking your business globally by hiring employees internationally is exciting for any company. Companies often want to rush into hiring employees but it is important for companies to take their time and work with a local provider to understand the rules and regulations specific to the country and new employees.

Of course, the new employees can advise but it is in the best interest of the employees and company to consult outside help to guide them through hiring and paying compliantly. Working with a local partner such as PEO/EOR service provider can ensure you are operating within the confines of the local laws and your company and employees are 100% compliant.

Mistake #3: Not Incorporating Your New Employees with Your Current Employees

Your new employees are likely an ocean apart and may be working on different projects than employees in the same time zone as you. Even if this is true you should work to incorporate your new international employees into the local company culture.

Treat your new employees the same as other employees. Involve them in meetings and events with other employees, whether for fun or work.

Additionally, give your international employees fair benefits. For example, if employees in your HQ get 20 days off a year, but in the country where your international employees are located the law is 10 days paid time off per year, it may be useful to meet them in the middle and give them 15 days off per year.  Employees typically understand that every employee in every location cannot be treated the same, but a little give for employees internationally can go a long way.


When hiring employees abroad, there are many things to take into account. When you do hire, make sure to avoid common mistakes as those above. Making these mistakes can sour your new employees in your company. To keep your employees happy treat them just as you would any other new employee that is in your local office.

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